Impaqt Capital

Success is a based of several factors: The right business idea, a strong management team, and most importantly commitment and dedication.

We are looking for outstanding entrepreneurs. Our experience has shown us that we are most successful with entrepreneurs we trust, respect, and enjoy being around. As a team of entrepreneurs, we know what it takes to build a company and what personality traits this task requires. Because we offer our full commitment and dedication to every entrepreneur we work together with, we expect nothing less in return.

We are looking for big ideas. No matter how modest a goal is, every business venture bears risks. Even though they might disperse over time, they are never completely eliminated. We as a team are committed to share the risks, but if we all succeed, we want to have a chance to create valuable businesses. Therefore, we like to work together with entrepreneurs with disruptive ideas that can solve big problems.

We are looking for the right co-investors. Disagreement about things like strategy among investors can actually impede the growth of a business. We therefore prefer to invest together with groups that we know well enough to understand and predict their behavior to a certain extent.